The top 5 essential skills every digital marketer should have.


Every digital marketer should have diverse skills with knowledge of digital marketing tools. They should be creative thinkers with enough awareness of current affairs and the latest trends to create high-quality content. It should also connect to the brand audience and increase brand awareness while generating powerful leads. They don’t necessarily need to excel in all the following – but digital marketers need to be all-rounders.

Top essential skills that every digital marketer needs to know:

Professionals in digital marketing must have both technical and creative skills, such as:

Technical skills & tools:

Some tools are crucial for digital marketers to know and use as they can make their lives easier. Depending on their prioritised channels and the company’s marketing objectives, the following are the top types of digital marketing tools:

  ●   SEO tools

Google Analytics and Google Ads both provide detailed breakdowns of website traffic.

Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush can help speed up this process by researching relevant keywords, checking backlinks to your pages, identifying related keywords based on your searches, and even analysing the SEO of your competitors.

Simple programs like Unbounce can help digital marketers to create, customise, and test landing pages for maximum conversion as no coding knowledge is required.

  ●   Email marketing tools

Given the importance of email in a marketing strategy, having an email campaign tool like MailChimp or SendGrid to send sleek, branded emails in a flash is essential.

A vast chunk of content on the internet is floating unread, unheard, and unseen. The main reason is that it does not hold the quality to retain and educate the customers in the truest sense possible. To cover the gap, get the experts’ view on the topic. A proper article written after research promises more leads. The job does not end here. Add more engagement through infographics or visual display of data that helps your user decode information smoothly. Visual references always complement your content.

  ●   Social media marketing tools

Managing multiple social channels may necessitate some serious juggling; thus, social media marketing tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer can be of great assistance; therefore, learning these tools is essential.

  ●   Design tools

An eye on your competitors’ whereabouts will always keep you informed about the market behavior and your product’s price range as well. It will help you navigate the market price and save you from oversights. Take references but don’t plagiarize.

Marketing analytics

Data is the main ingredient in digital marketing, the more you analyse it, the more fruitful the results will be. So it is considered that the digital marketer should know how to use Google Analytics and other data analysis tools. Not only that, but the digital marketer should always be aware of how to incorporate those insights into their strategies.


Excellent storytelling skills (including writing, editing, and visual storytelling) are always an asset for a Digital Marketer, whether you’re captioning an Instagram post or writing a thousand-word thought leadership article for your company blog.

Creative problem-solving

Not to mention a creative problem-solving approach and the ability to innovate and produce something different from usual is every digital marketer’s role. They can only develop and enhance these skills with experience.

Sales and persuasion

Many digital marketers struggle to close deals because they cannot persuade others. As a marketer, it is critical that you win over people’s minds and always convince them of your idea; otherwise, increasing your brand’s sales and profit will be extremely difficult. Digital marketers should focus on their confidence while pitching to obtain better outcomes. The art of convincing people also requires an understanding of the person and their usual decision patterns, which you can learn by knowing them more.


In a nutshell, digital marketers ideally become an all-rounder and constantly involve themselves in activities that allow them to develop soft skills. Furthermore, digital marketers should always experiment and push their boundaries to compete.

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