New Instagram Reel features to Create Better Content


Reels insights may appear simple at first glance, but optimizing short videos can be difficult at times. New Instagram Reel features, on the other hand, could be game-changers in terms of not only how you approach Reels, but also your overall content strategy.

Improve the narrative of your reels with new sound effects.

Create a more dramatic and cinematic experience in your reels by using the most recent sound effects. Sound effects can be used to build suspense and get your audience excited. The newly updated sound effects collection, which includes air horns, crickets, drums, and more, can help you inject humor into a reel or help your audience get into its emotions while watching one.

Upload your audio.

This intriguing feature allows you to add your audio, which can now be a game-changer for creating truly unique reels all at once. To add complementary or background noise to any of your videos, simply upload your audio with the audio feature. You should always test your sound before uploading it, such as how your voice sounds in the recording, because it may be used in other people’s reels.

Use interactive stickers to engage your audience.

You can now access many of Instagram Stories’ interactive features on Reels, giving you more ways to engage with your followers. Try out these features in Reels now to attract new viewers who can become a part of your story

  • Poll: Engage with your audience with this feature
  • Quiz: You can put your audience’s skills to the test (or teach them something new!)
  • Emoji slider: Allow your audience to express how your content makes them feel with a sticker that amplifies the heart-eye emoji

If you come up with something creative, it will encourage your friends and fans to join in, bringing your group together. In addition, their direct feedback can inspire future reels.

With 90-second reels, you can tell longer stories.

Instagram has increased the length of Reels to up to 90 seconds to give you more time to play. In the extra 30 seconds, creators can focus on providing more value to the audience and attempting to elicit viewer engagement. Creators can also show the behind-the-scenes of their work and deliver the best content.

Use templates to get ideas

Editing Instagram Reels can be difficult at times, which is why many creators avoid focusing on time-consuming and difficult editing. However, this feature will save a lot of time and make things easier for beginners. Instagram has recently released Templates, which enables you to quickly create a reel by using another one as a template. It loads the audio and clip placeholders for you, so all you have to do is add and trim your own clips. You should also begin exploring right away.


Beginners who have been considering starting their creative journey but have been unable to do so due to a lack of editing skills may find Instagram’s newly launched features very useful. It can help intermediate and expert creators push their limits with an extra 30 seconds. New features also allow you to get immediate audience feedback, which can help you build a stronger community. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your reels adventure with these new features and explore the new.

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