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Mystery shopping Editing

The 3 C's dominate our mystery shopping editing – completeness, correctness and consistency. Our editors edit reports, proofread crucial documents, videos and audios to perfect the report as per the project instructions.

Service Include


Some of the highlights of our editing services are as follows:

  • Location check – correct location being shopped
  • Fraud checks
  • No references to past visits / hearsay
  • Feedback in shopper's own words
  • Value adding actionable insights
  • Shopper grades and feedback
  • A 2-step Q/A

The Benefits

  • A sense of reliability with an in-house team of editors and schedulers V/S depending on freelancers
  • 2 step QA processes that meets the expected quality
  • A team of editors with experience in content writing and editing, who help to process mass volumes and provide it within the expected turnaround time
  • Offer domain training to the team with a thorough knowledge of the industry
  • Our leaders understand your business and the best effort is made to maintain an optimum level of #CX

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