Mapping the Customer Journey to deliver amazing customer experiences

When you hear the word customer, what is the immediate suffix that comes to your mind? Yes, it’s no secret, its Customer Experience (CX). Businesses have strived and evolved to be better every day and that’s how CX has evolved from customer service – customer satisfaction – customer experience.

So how did the word originate? Is this a discovery? Or was it invented in some laboratory?

The origination of Customer Experience comes from a series of evaluations of what the customer needs and what is his behavior towards your products/services. In this competitive market, businesses have realized the importance of being different from their competition and they have been successful in doing this by providing an experience and not just products/services.

Why do I prefer Amazon over other shopping sites when the same iPhone is sold on other portals as well? It is a whole experience that I have as a user which is a combination of personalizing the interface as per my usage, exciting offers, easy navigation, and at the end trust that they have built by delivering amazing experiences.

The process of delivering amazing experiences starts from knowing your customer’s journey when he decides to opt for your products/services and then perfecting his journey as a provider.

Is this so simple the way it sounds? Well, it’s a process and our team has designed a detailed guide which explains how you go about designing an effective journey that ultimately leads to delivering amazing customer experiences.

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