Food casuals plating, an immersive customer centric-eating experience

Today’s customer expects the world from big food casual brands. Unlike yesteryears, her expectations are not restricted to pocket-friendly delicious food alone. She desires a fast-casual atmosphere, an engaged experienced and best in class aesthetics to please her senses. She requires constant communication, personalization, and convenience. She speaks outs, loud and clear, within the eating joint and on social media.

As customer preferences shift, brands in the space must align with the customers’ experience expectations. Here are some interesting ways to create an unforgettable dining experience:

Digital convenience and immersive experience for customers: Digital is redefining how consumers engage with brands and how brands interact with their customers, across the customer journey. Fast-casual brands can embrace technology and offer utmost convenience to their customers, with well-designed human-centric websites and mobile apps, wearables and more. The digital medium poses an endless possibility of engaging the customer through personalized gamification and DIY techniques.

Digital for better in-store operations: The data can enable real-time decision making related to inventory, seat allocation, menu modifications, pricing decisions and more. Wearables are growing exponentially and can make the interaction between customers and the in-kitchen staff seamless. In addition to delighting the customers with personalized updates, the data can help the joint get real-time aggregated information, thus helping foster better decision making.

Emotions at the heart of all operations: Leaders could leverage emotion analysis software to measure consumer feelings and emotions throughout the ordering, consumption and payment cycles. An emotion analysis software can help drive the emotional responses of consumers and provides actionable insights in line with customer expectations. Human touch backed with technology can help create stellar experiences for customers.

Consumer across the globe are considering healthy eating options: Digital technologies can help keep the customer informed on the quality of ingredients, calorie intake, food suggestion per their diet plans and more. Fast casuals can leverage technology to break the barriers of being labeled unhealthy and engage the customer and increase stickiness.

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