5 Tips to Improve Your SEO By Using Social Media


People often think that social media sharing doesn’t directly impact SEO. However, when you share your content on social media, it can influence SEO in these ways:

  1. Drive organic traffic
  2. Increase visibility
  3. Improve local SEO
  4. Maximise content reach
  5. Improve brand recognition
  6. Elevate backlinks

Now that you know social media presence can drive the audience and grow your business, it becomes necessary for you to learn how to use it. So how can you improve your SEO by using social media? To answer this, we have listed a few pointers you can follow to enhance your SEO.

1. Work on Your Profile

Remember that your social media profile is one of the first things a prospect or customer will see, so make it engaging, creative, and attractive enough to represent your company.

  • Include as many details as possible to provide a complete picture of what your company does.
  • Use keywords related to your brand and commonly searched words or terms.
2. Have engaging shareable content on your social channels

Customers have many platforms and accounts to choose from, so you must make the most of your content to attract and engage them. To learn what works best for your audience, experiment with different types of content such as videos, blogs, testimonials, etc.

Also, use good imagery that associates with your brand so that people can identify it as yours when they see it. It will also increase brand recognition and awareness.

3. Encourage backlinks through good content

People will only share content that they believe is valuable or relevant to their target audience. If resources or time are limited, it is worthwhile to prioritise quality over quantity.

To demonstrate authority, spend time researching topics and including high authority research and third-party links alongside internal links. You can also use quotes from industry experts or statistics that support your point of view are also appropriate.

Above all, adopt a tone and opinion on your industry as that will help you become an industry leader.

4. Try social listening to see what else is going on out there

Social listening is an effective SEO strategy, and free tools available such as keyhole, followermonk, etc. It will assist you in monitoring conversations to see what your target audience is saying about you and track the competitors for you.

As more people use social media to ask questions, and read reviews (and complain), keeping an eye on your platforms is a good idea for managing online reviews and overall customer service.

5. Pay attention to influencers and consider using them

People always like to hear the take of their favorite influencers before being your customer. So it’s always recommended to engage with these influencers for affiliate marketing of your products through social media, email or any other platform. You can tell the influencers to mention your website link in the description and can lead a new audience to your website.


You can share all the updates, new blogs, and everything on your social media and drive an organic audience to your website. You can use our tips in your upcoming projects and SEO strategies to elevate your website ranking.

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